A new project, KeepDelete

November 14, 2011 | Permalink |

Description: I received this text message from a good friend living in Australia. Because I live in New Zealand, I am always several hours ahead, seemingly ‘living in the future’. // March 10, 2009
Name: Monica Shortt, Hamilton, New Zealand,

Designers need deadlines and lecturers need things to keep them busy in the summer months. As part of a 2012 summer residency at the Frans Masereel Centrum in Kasterlee, Belgium ( I’ll be looking at turning digital into analogue.

Launched in October, 2011, for the next half year, KeepDelete will encourage people to turn text messages into artifact; turning digital messages that are on the verge of being forgotten, deleted, outdated or even lost into something tangible; an artifact. Collected together, these documents will combine to form a publication and/or exhibition.

As a design lecturer, I am interested not only in the aesthetic form or the content of the message, but also placing these into a more critical or academic context, thus the project is twofold:
1. Designers are invited to submit an artifact of a message that is ‘wanting to be kept’, either from their own personal repository of messages or from their circle of friends and family.

2. In addition to designed objects, there is a call for written submissions; short essays looking at the role of (graphic) design in relation to contemporary means of communication.

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