Already Forgotten Poem, Love Poem Already Forgotten

15.01.03 |

I thought of it while I was lying in bed
not yet sleepy,
but sharing the same schedule of
waking and sleeping
as that of my loved one

the best ever I think
not rhyming
no real beginning or end
but the middle part was clear
better that those three words so overused
I and love and you

I considered creeping out
climbing out of our lofty bed
the creaking stirring her
her already sleeping
and so I repeated it over and over again
in hopes that in the morning I could rise and
write it down quickly

I found myself awaking to the alarm-clock
her already awakened
us both climbing down the ladder
her to the bathroom
and I to a pen and paper
scribbling down words in effort to remember
but it was an already forgotten poem

a love poem already forgotten

January 15th, 2003
This is the second of a series of poems generated by my viewing my website statistics and search strings. This one was created based on the search string: already forgotten poem love poem already forgotten

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