I once was a mule, a story of thankfulness

06.06.04 |

Exhibition: la Polyclinique de la Culture, Brussels, Belgium

This project is reflected in the title; a realisation that I live a fortunate life. Using found imagery that specifically supports the text-based narrative, a story of reincarnation unfolds. I am not fortunate through my own efforts, I am fortunate because of those that have come before me. In my final exhibition at university, I stumbled upon a phrase . No longer accountable to a personal religion, I still must endeavor to live a life worth repeating.

This project was viewed as a simultaneous projection and included the following introduction:
I have a healthy body. I have been told I was beautiful from the day I was born. My parents are each other’s best friend. My father is a gentleman. I consider myself well traveled. I am optimistic. My mother stayed home with me after I was born and didn’t return to work until I was school-age. I have never gone hungry. I grew up on a farm. I have nice teeth. I got a second-hand car for my sixteenth birthday. I was a good student in school and never had to study. I grew up without any fear. I have had the opportunity to make many of my own choices. I don’t owe any money. I didn’t have to have a part-time job until I was eighteen. I had a pony when I was a kid. I can read. I have always gone to good schools. I have wonderful and supportive friends. I wear nice clothes. I am confident. My parents read me bedtime stories and are good examples of how one should live a life. I have only had to sleep on the street once, and that was near the brussels south station because we missed the last train to Antwerp. I have never been forced to do something I didn’t want to do. I have never tried to commit suicide. My girlfriend is amazing. Things seem to somehow always work out in the end.
I have not been abused. Sometimes I wish I believed in God so that I would have someone to thank.
What have I done to deserve this?


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