Beauty, Heaviness, Phenomena

30.11.06 |

Submission for: Shrinkage Worldwide Awards 2006, Zurich, Switzerland
Exhibited at the following locations: Lueneburg Kunsthalle and Free University of Berlin / University of Portsmouth, UK / Robert Gordon University, School of Arts / King Fahd University School of Architecture and Planning, Saudi Arabia / Design Center, VCU, Quirk Gallery, Richmond, Virginia, USA

“The ______ of today is that I am aware that you exist.”
The subject of the brief was to develop a poster that discussed the notion of the world ‘shrinking’. In my typographic submission, I attempted to put forward the idea that the shrinkage is at times beautiful, often alarming and still occasional awes us. Regardless of how we view the shrinking world, the nature of it forces us into living with awareness and responsibility.

These were printed locally as large-format photocopies, with the original design created on the back of a Powerpoint printout which is faintly visible in digital versions of the poster. Five copies were sent in all, one as the submission, and four as posters that the event coordinators could share with organisations or post up in places where they felt it would be suitable.


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