08.07.07 |

Once charted territory.
But since the earthquake
(and the shift into another decade)
Altogether different.

Perhaps we can make a deal.
Two explorers;
Head lamps, pup-tent,
Sleeping bags suitable for wide-ranging temperatures,
Water supply, freeze-dried meals,
Astronaut ice-cream (a novelty),
Notebooks, writing utensils,
A very analogue camera
(who knows when we will will find another power supply?)
Flares (in case of emergency along with a silvery blanket)
Chop-sticks (easier than forks!)
Spoons and multi-use tool (includes a knife)
Camping stove and non-stick cookware,
Unbranded head-ache tablets and at least two antihistamines,
Girl/girl (boy) guide survival book,
Crank radio with lamp,
Citronella candles and all-weather matches,
A lighter (as backup)
A few extra changes of underwear,
Christmas binoculars…

The obvious missing supply is the map.
There is no map.
It was once charted territory,
but since the earth shook
and time passed,
It’s altogether different.
The compass only points in one direction.
That means something.

It’s almost as if in the previous charting,
the world was flat, and now it’s round.
Or previously drawn with pencil and now it has the possibility of relief. (tactile)
Let’s forgive each other if we ask questions,
Forgot (or never knew) directions,
Linger at undiscovered places,
Navigate sometimes with naive abandon (out of confidence)
Only to backtrack and move more slowly
Sometimes hesitant,
Sometimes exhausted,
Sometimes drunk with optimism and exhilaration
That this is my/your territory,
And no one else’s.

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