The act of putting it down on paper.

14.01.08 |

I have done this once before quite humbly, and then somehow it turned into some sort of self-fanaticism. This, I promise you, is meant to give my life a bit of order. A way to not lose things.

When I write, in whatever format it begins or becomes, it’s an attempt to get something down on paper. Although I am not the most organised with paper trail (I tend to stack, look through, throw away and stack again; progressively gnawing through a pile, sorting it in relation to importance and often missing out and often getting things done just in time) I hate to think of all of the beginnings I’ve misplaced. Honestly, this is not a proclamation that what I put down is somehow important. On the contrary, the act of writing makes us better readers, speakers, researchers and writers just as cooking makes us better tasters.

Perhaps typing things down will make me a better friend.
It’s possible, that once I put on my obeservation cap I’ll both listen more and see more that is going on around me.

Surely I must be out of practice.
Here’s to this continued endeavor.

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