The city and its stories / La ville et ses histoires, a poster series

19.03.08 |

Based on the brief for: Graphisme dans la rue de Fontenay-sous-Bois
Theme: The city

The concept behind this series has many facets. Challenging the premise that a poster is informational, this series removes the information and replaces it with a fictional city-narrative. Each narrative reflects on particular elements of the city and challenges the reader to reflect on their position and responsibility to their own surroundings. Using the common reference points of street, neighbourhood, city and countryside, each define themselves in reference to the other. If we are here we are not there.

Not graphical in nature, these layouts use text as the medium. The message is not the story itself, but the issues embedded in it. Instead of calling out to a passerby, these posters require engagement; the reader will have to pause to read. In addition to this investment, these posters are meant to cause the reader to seek out the other posters from the series, rediscovering their urban landscape along the way.


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