18.10.08 |

For the past few years a local gallery has offered Hamilton artists and designers the chance to be a part of a group show, Coasting, in which artists are given four wooden coasters. The coasters work as both a base and a canvas, and the variety of submissions make the exhibition a pleasure to be a part of.

For this series, I wanted to create three-dimensional typographic forms that allowed the viewer to see the works as both sculptural objects as well as meaning-filled words. With the title of Good, the collection of words teeter on the verge of the mediocre and spoken pleasantry. Individually they’re words that allow us to take comfort, but often, when they are offered as comment, they resonate with the unremarkable.

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Coasters 3d

Coasters will be available for sale individually and as a series at the exhibition in November at ArtsPost, Hamilton, New Zealand.

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