Fourteen recollections, some fictional

22.10.09 |

Part of the Waikato Institute of Technology, School of Media Arts, 2009 Staff Exhibition in Ramp Gallery, entitled When was the last time you did something for the first time

This project stems from the projects of others. Triggered as responses to titles or the actual works themselves, each day the show was open, my work involved a new text appearing. Each text was accompanied by a limited set of take-away cards, inviting viewers who engage with a particular narrative to take a reminder with them away from the exhibition. In this work, a collection of words together on a page becomes both a record and an authority. They become the archive of events that occurred and the documentation of incidents that might. As a designer, type (letterform) and text (content) are two invaluable components of design; supposing the ability to provide an audience the remarkable chance to share in a mutual understanding.

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