The 26th year was started in an effort to record my life in Antwerp, Belgium from April 10, 2002 until April 10, 2003. It began with a rather moving experience with the death of my grandmother in Missouri over 3000 miles away, and ended slowly over time, not so much on my 27th birthday, but petered out. Perhaps I should have changed the name to the 27th year, and so on, but regardless, the 26th year is now being laid to rest. It's still available for perusal, or as a time-filler on very boring work-days, but this journal is, as they say on my favorite Belgian children's program, KetNet...het is gedaan.

Certainly new trivial events keep happening on a daily basis, and it pains me to think I have missed out on remembering them. More than anything the 26th year was a recording, and had I not typed them out on my ergonomic keyboard at 2 in the morning, half of them would be buried somewhere in my mind and the other half missing altogether. And, though this journal is finished, I'm sure another one will find its way onto soon. We are, afterall, moving to New Zealand for a year the middle of June.

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