Time Together

04.12.02 |

Let us empty our pockets and sell our things.
Redeem moments we have trampled upon
and do we have though of but never done
name the items we merely call things

Doing is better than thoughts or dreaming.
Let us count our blessings we hold in ourselves
subjects not of want or ghostly aperitions
But mushy facts, places, faces, the redundant dreaming

A subject we cannot get over quickly.
Because we are always in the present thinking forward
of tomorrows and chances, what-ifs and should-it-happens
our numbered days as sand falling ever so quickly.

No more time-saving notions as they buy us no extra time
no more setting the clock forward convincing ourselves
of minutes more than what we have or borrowed or own.
Let us then count slowly, spending in priceless conversation, our time.



This poem was created based on the search string: empty our pockets and disappear; viewing my website statistics and the portion of the statistics devoted to “what people were searching for when they found andreawilkinson.com”

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